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We mobilize people like you to raise awareness, challenge misconceptions, and be out and proud in recovery. We know the only way to fight stigma is to expose people to the truth — recovery is possible, and recovery is REAL!

We change hearts and minds by sharing our community’s lived experiences through events, media, and public education.

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Public Policy

Promoting pro-recovery policy is central to our mission. We believe that people with lived experience of behavioral health challenges and triumphs should be heard at every table where decisions are being made. Recovery is possible, and even probable, if we build a system that centers the needs of people with behavioral health issues.

Let your voice be heard

Voices of Recovery Summit

Our annual Voices of Recovery Summit convenes individuals, families, and treatment providers within the recovery community to discuss the most pressing needs in behavioral health. The summit is an opportunity to create community connections and energize stakeholders for the year ahead.


Our Annual

Recovery Advocacy Day

Recovery Advocacy Day (RAD) is the WRA’s annual citizen action event, where we bring together hundreds of people in the recovery community from across the state to engage their lawmakers in conversations about legislative changes that would improve our behavioral health system.

Sharing Connections

Building Community

We support the greater recovery community throughout the state and beyond. The Washington Recovery Alliance is a community of individuals, groups, and coalitions working together to bring SUD and mental health priorities to the forefront. Contact us to find out how you can get involved and join our network.

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